OSINT part 2

Social Media Intelligence


  • Facebook scanner: As of June 6th, you can scan only your own profile with this tool.
  • Socmint: Facilitate fetching information using Facebook Graph search.
  • Lookup ID: Find Facebook personal numeric ID / Group ID / Page ID.
  • FindMyFbid: Locate Facebook personal numeric ID.
  • Facebook JSON Search
  • LikeAlyzer: Analyze and monitor Facebook Pages.
  • Face Live: Facebook live video search.
  • Who posted what?: Facebook keyword search generator. It searches Facebook posts and limit the results to specific date.
  • ExtractFace: Automate extracting data from Facebook profiles (Not working currently).




  • iconosquare
  • picodash: A powerful search engine to explore Instagram & Twitter photos, videos, users and locations.
  • ToFo


Social Media Psychological Analysis

  • Tone Analyzer: This is an online service that offers free linguistic analysis to detect human feelings -like joy, fear, sadness, anger, analytical, confident and tentative tones- found in text – like Tweets, emails and Facebook messages.
  • Watson Tone Analyzer: This is a cloud based server created by IBM, it analyzes emotions and tones in online contents (e.g. Facebook posts, reviews and Tweets) to predict the emotional status of the writer. This service can be used in different scenarios -other than intelligence- like detecting customers tones to understand their needs or to better serve them.
  • Fake Sport: This site analyzes Amazon, Yelp, TripAdvisor and Apple App store users reviews to check The credibility of these reviews.
  • Review Meta: Investigate user reviews on Amazon to check which one is likely to be fake or misleading.

People Search

General People Search Engines

  • Truth finder: TruthFinder has a huge database of social media profiles, address history, contact information, public records (federal, country and state data sources) and other commercial sources, you can search using target first and/or last name in addition to city/state where he lives or lived before.
  • 411: Search for people within the United States, search parameter includes Full name, location, reverse phone lookup, email and business.
  • Pipl
  • People Smart: Search for people using thier name, phone, address or email.
  • Skip Ease
  • Spokeo
  • TruePeopleSearch
  • US Search
  • Peek You
  • Zaba Search: Find people in the USA using name or phone number.
  • White Pages: Search for people within the USA using their name, phone number, business or address.
  • Been Verified: Search for people within USA using their name, phone, email or mailing address.
  • Address Search: Search for someone email or mailing address using his name and location, the service is limited to the United States only.
  • Lullar: Search social media websites using target email address or first & last name or username.
  • Yasni
  • My Life
  • Anywho: Finding people , places and businesses. You can search by name, address or phone number.
  • intelius: People search and phone number lookup.
  • Snoop Station: Search for people using full name and location. Commercial service.
  • Family Tree Now
  • Radaris
  • Info Space
  • Cubib: Search millions of online data records for free. Aggregated data is derived from people search, marketing data, property records, vehicle records, court records, patents, business registration, domain name registration, and white house visitation records.
  • That’s Them
  • Webmii
  • How many of me
  • Genealogy
  • Sorted By Name: A list of links to genealogy details -based on the first letter of the person’s surname- mentioned on other websites.

Online Registries

User Name Check

  • Check user name: Check the use of a specific username on 160 Social Networks, very useful to discover target social media accounts if he/she was using the same username on multiple platforms.
  • Namechk: Check to see if a specified username is used for major domain names and social media sites.
  • Namecheckr: Check domain & social username availability across multiple networks.
  • User Search: Scan 45 popular social media websites.
  • knowem
  • Namevine

Email Search

Email validation services. This service checks whether an email address exists or not and gives other detailed technical information about it.

Phone Number Search

Employee Profile

Dating Websites

Terrorist Organizations

Government Records

Vital Records

These are government records usually created by local authorities, it includes birth and death records, marriage licenses and divorce decrees.

Criminal & Court Records

Property Record

Tax & Financial Records

Social Security Number Search

  • SSN Check: Reverse Social Security Number Lookup (For USA only).
  • SSN-Verify: Social Security Number search and lookup tools.

Other Public Records

There are other types of online public records that can prove useful in some cases.

Local libraries in USA offer access to proprietary databases like ReferenceUSA (huge directory service) and America’s Newspapers (full-text obituaries) for a small fee. In many instances, such services can be offered remotely in exchange for a valid library subscription card.